The Police Department provides general law enforcement services to the community we have sworn to serve and protect. We are committed to respecting human dignity and to understanding the needs and values of our community.
The Department has adopted a Community Oriented Policing Plan which is designed to forge a partnership between the police and the community to address community issues. Problem oriented policing means focusing on a problem and developing a strategy that brings available resources to arrive at a long term solution.
This means empowering officers to interact as problem-solvers with members of the community. Officers collaborate with residential and business community members to solve problems.
Allyn Wightman
Chief of Police
Wheatland Police Department
207 Main Street
Wheatland, CA 95692
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TO REQUEST POLICE SERVICES CALL                530 633-2821
To speak to an officer or General Records             530 633-2016
Police Department fax                                            530 633-4033
To contact Chief Wightman                                    530 633-2016
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